Canter proud of high popularity regardless of inside and outside the country

The demand for truck is not only any Japan.
There is the particularly convenient light truck in the situation that a thing made of Japanese car plays an active part all over the world now.
At first, as for the size to be small, the budget to purchase will be suppressed cheaply.
Besides, I demand it still more and am provided at a low price if used.
A very popular car model has a Canter in Japan, but, as for this car model, it is extreme popularity abroad.
By the story that I heard, there seem to be already the sale results more than 40 years in Australia, and the popularity seems to completely settle.
It is why, and it has an excellent performance of the Japanese car to a base to around this whether it became popular.
And performance, this characteristic only by the Canter became the factor supported in each country.
In the foreign countries, there will be the country that there are fewer paved roads.
In such a country, this Canter shows the performance.
It is to be high operability, compact size, and the manageability is the best, and the load capacity can do loading for the size well, too.
Besides, I continue evolving, and the performance adds a new thing and I let you upgrade an existing thing and do it and seem to pursue utility more.
It seems that I win popularity from these reason regardless of inside and outside the country.

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